Developing Theatre: Building Expert Networks for Theatre in Emerging Countries after 1945

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Gideon Ime Morison

M.A. Gideon Ime Morison


Gideon Ime Morison is a theatre, cultural critic and Media researcher. A graduate of Theatre and Media Studies, University of Calabar and the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Uyo, Nigeria; where he obtained his B. A. and M.A. degrees respectively, Gideon has featured in several stage and developmental media productions including Man-Child Blues (2017), Ifufe (2014), Linda's Joint (2014), When Tomorrow Comes (2009), The Twist (2008), Ekpogogoroo (2008), Midnight Hotel (2008), Blood and Bondage (2007), Not a Thing out of Place (2006), Dilemma (2005), No More Harvest (2005) etc. As a researcher, Gideon Morison has tutored, partnered and consulted widely for individuals and bodies corporate such as Ars Pro Vita, Greenwich Media Plus and Finest Communications amongst others. His research interest straddles media/theatre theory, history and criticism, development communication and comparative cultural studies. He is currently a lecturer and Head, Department of Theatre Arts, School of Secondary Education (Arts and Social Sciences), Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State - Nigeria.