Developing Theatre: Building Expert Networks for Theatre in Emerging Countries after 1945

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  • Theatrical Epistemic Communities: Theory and History.

    Balme projekt

    Christopher Balmes subproject has the twin aim of 1) elaborating theoretically the concept of a theatrical epistemic community and 2) tracing historically its consolidation and differentiation in the pre- und post-WWII period. more

  • Philanthropy and Theatrical Development


    Since its foundation in 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation has played an eminent in role in supporting institutions and organizations. In this sub-project, theatre and media historian Nic Leonhardt investigates funding policies and activities of both the Rockefeller and Ford Foundation in the realms of culture and theatre. more

  • Theatre Artists from Postcolonial India in the Eastern Bloc, 1950-80


    Gautam Chakrabarti's sub-project aims to (1) focus on various Cold-War-era policies and institutions, mainly in the USSR and the GDR, seeking to train and influence budding theatre artists from postcolonial India; and (2) identify and investigate archives and other repositories of theatrical epistemic knowledge in India, in the 1950's and 1980's. more

  • Theatrical Heterotopias in Conflict Zones

    rashna 1

    Rashna Nicholson's sub-project traces the impact of foreign funding on theatre with additional examples from the visual arts and music in the Occupied Palestinian Territories from 1983 to the present day. more

  • Festival Networks: Pan-African and Diasporic Performance Culture

    La danse du festival d'Obitun

    Judith Rottenburg’s sub-project focuses on four art festivals on the African continent as nodes in a postcolonial Pan-African, diasporic and cosmopolitan network of an expanding theatrical epistemic community. It inquires into the ways in which this network generated new forms of performance culture at the dawn of independence. more

  • Theatre Experts for the Third World: ITI and the globalization of theatre

    ITI Bild2 (1)

    The ITI was founded in 1948 by ‘theatre experts’ to promote ‘international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts’ and therefore provided regular support for ‘third world’ theatre. This project investigates how the ITI coordinated the movement of theatrical expertise in the Cold War era. more